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Want to attend an Escambia County Republican Executive Committee meeting?

Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at the Downtown Library at 239 North Spring Street in Pensacola at 6:30 pm.  Free parking.  No reservations needed; visitors welcome and casual attire suggested.  For more info, call 941-0289.  

Want to join the Escambia County Republican Executive Committee?

All political party executive committees in Florida are created by state statutes which provide for the election of one man and one woman from each voting precinct in each of the 67 counties in the state. In precincts where any political party has more than 1,000 voters, there are two men and two women for each precinct. These elected party officials are called "Committeemen" and "Committeewomen," and together they form the most fundamental grass roots political units in Florida -- the county executive committees.

The Escambia County Republican Executive Committee has members from precincts throughout our county. Due to the size and diverse geography of Escambia County, however, not all precinct positions are filled.  In the case of a vacant precinct, the Committee is empowered to appoint new members by majority vote.  Interested persons are encouraged to attend our meetings and contact our membership committee regarding vacancies.

Each county executive committee selects a group of officers to meet the day to day administrative needs of the committee.  The local officers in each county are the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  In Escambia County, party officers are elected every two years at the December meeting immediately following the November general election.  The current officers will serve until December 2016.  

The voters in each county elect representatives for the two additional positions of "State Committeeman" and "State Committeewoman" who, along with the County Chairman, represent the county on the state committee of the Republican Party of Florida.

Represent your precinct by becoming a Precinct Committeeman or Precinct Committeewoman. Attend three (3) of our meetings and meet the following requirements:

  • Be a registered Republican voter
  • Be registered in the precinct you wish to represent

If you meet these requirements and there is a vacancy in your precinct, you are eligible for membership.  For every 1,000 registered voters in a precinct, one committeeman and one committeewoman are allowed.  Once you become a member, you must complete and sign a State Loyalty Oath that is filed with the Supervisor of Elections and a Party Loyalty Oath that is filed with the Republican Party of Florida. As a Precinct Committeeman or Committeewoman, you will be a liaison between the county's Republican Party and the voters in your precinct with the goals of ensuring those in your precinct are registered to vote, mobilizing Republican voters in your precinct, disseminating the Republican message, and being your precinct's voice to the Republican Executive Committee.

For more information on how to join the Escambia County Republican Executive Committee, please call 293-1533 or e-mail Secretary Beege Welborn.



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